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Demi/Selena smut was definitely the most requested ha, so the following fics are all rated M.

Run and Never Tire- summerstorm

Roll You Like Dice- summerstorm

Melt Like Gold- likecharity

Anonymous wrote:
"Can you post some Demi/Jennel hot sex fabrics please!"

You may have sent in this request like a year ago since this is from the xfactor.. so sorry! but if you still want it..

Three Kinds - everythingisintoxicating

and basically anything by that author [x]

tagged as: #fanfiction #dennel

Get Your Girl - nevertakestoolong

[Naya and Big Sean are at a VIP event for his record company. He notices his fiancée staring at Demi and encourages Naya to seduce her.]

  • Pairing: Naya/Demi (later becomes Naya/Demi/Big Sean)
  • Rated: M
  • Words: 57,627

tagged as: #dantana #fanfiction

I just realized that there are about 40+ requests that were probably sent in from months ago that range from Simon/Demi, Miley/Demi, Selena/Demi, Emblem 3/Demi, Naya/Demi and a lot more. As well as demi dream submissions that I have yet to do. I’ll get started on them asap, thanks for your patience, guys!

Anonymous wrote:
"Tell me you have a kik I want to talk so badly to you! You're awesome <3"

Aww thank you! You’re awesome too but unfortunately I don’t have one, sorry :/

I know that I haven’t updated in a really long time. I’m so sorry! School has been crazy but I promise i’ll try to get some stuff up in the next few weeks. I haven’t checked my messages in a while and I see that I’ve gotten sooo many requests which I will try my best to fulfill if not this or next week, during spring break then for sure. I’ll make it up to you guys. Thanks for still sticking around!

ohmydevonnedits wrote:
"yo gurrllll!!!! where you have been?? I literally read ALL your posts!! new ones please!!!!!!"

Haha heeey! All posts, huh? Thank you-that’s a lot of fics aha. Sorry I haven’t been posting much. I’ve just been kinda busy lately and wasn’t really sure if people still kept up with this blog, but i’ll try to post more fics soon.

tagged as: #dantanadilmerfeels

tagged as: #demi lovato #demidreams
Anonymous wrote:
"You are sexy"

but anon, you don’t know what I look like..

Anonymous wrote:
"are ya single?"

Mhm, I am